Ethics Training through coaching & Mentoring

We provide training and mentoring in how to act with integrity and ensure that your team does too. Being able to make the right call when faced with a dilemma or worrying discovery is crucial to good leadership and that means being aware of the risks that may try to snare you and holding yourself and others to account. Method: experiential training using real material and role play scenarios alongside external mentoring to optimise personal accountability.

What you get:

  • Radical insight into self and others
  • Clarity about personal standards and the means of retaining them
  • Ability to alter what may have become normalised
  • Ability to call out behaviours that work against your ethical standards


Gender diversity consultancy

We work with your Exec Team:

  • Clarifying your business case
  • Identifying specific blockers to success
  • Advising on effective next steps

We work with your appointed GD Delivery Team:

  • Providing skills training on efficient delivery tools
  • Assisting with analysing the current state of GD
  • Guiding the creation of effective and practical action plans

We work with your Business:

  • Providing tools & support to embed change in the business
  • Training, mentoring & coaching in eliminating the blockers to success, such as implicit bias